Sunday Funday at the Dog-Friendly Olde 99 Pub

I made an incredible discovery last weekend. The Olde 99 Pub in Greenlake is dog-friendly!

This spot on Aurora Ave used to be the Kangaroo and Kiwi. When the K&K relocated to Ballard, one of the bartenders jumped ship and snagged this prime location blocks from Greenlake.

The space opened as the Olde 99 Pub in early summer of 2012, and it is pretty great! The new owner Gabe has made some serious improvements to the space; the interior has been cleaned up, there is a beautiful new wood bar, and fresh decor.

The best improvement? Unlike the Kangaroo & Kiwi, the Olde 99 Pub welcomes dogs!

On Sunday, Joe and I headed to the Olde 99 Pub with the furrboys to watch the Seattle Seahawks take on the Chicago Bears. We intended to just stay for one, but we had such a blast, well… we ended up taking a cab home. (Yes, most taxis take dogs!)

How exactly did that happen? Well, the Olde 99 Pub puts the *fun* into Sunday Funday.

They have all sorts of drink specials, including $5 Touchdowns. And the Seahawks scored a touchdown. And then they scored another touchdown!

And then OMG the Seahawks were actually beating the Bears in Chicago. It was so freaking awesome that the owner Gabe rang the bell – free shots for the bar!

And then, the Seahawks were *about* to win, but the Bears scored and the game went into overtime. But the Seahawks didn’t choke. They actually pulled out the W!

The Seahawks beat the Bears, on the road no less! And it was so stinking exciting that this guy rang the bell too…

Bring on the Mind Erasers! And at $4, I mean, why not?

(Aside: I’ve always heard about bars that have a bell like this, but I’ve never actually been in one when the bell was rang once, let alone twice!)

Okay, enough about the football game. More about the super (dog) friendly atmosphere at the Olde 99 Pub. When we were there, the bar was not packed. But everyone from the owner to the bartender to the other patrons were so nice to us and our dogs, we felt warm and fuzzy (could have been the drinks?). The dogs enjoyed themselves too!

We had such a fun time that I thought it would be a good idea to….…demonstrate that Homie – despite weighing 70 lbs – is in fact a purse dog…

… and shamelessly strategically market this blog on the chalkboards in the women’s restroom.

That’s ingenious, right?? (I mean the chalkboards in the bathroom, not my doodles.)

Anyway, the Olde 99 Pub is most definitely a great spot to catch a Hawk’s game, but I would be happy to go there any time. The owner Gabe has done a remarkable job with this place, perfectly blending classy neighborhood pub and cozy dive bar. The Olde 99 is clean and comfortable with a wide selection of liquor and craft beer, but the drinks are cheap, and you can play pool, Golden Tee or Buckhunter! We didn’t try the food, but the Mac and Cheese smelled divine.

We will most definitely be back to the Olde 99 Pub, and highly recommend you check it out with your dogs. Gabe just asks that you make sure it’s not too crowded so it’s safe for your pups and other patrons.

Olde 99 Pub
7305 Aurora Ave N., Seattle
(206) 687-7047

Official Dog Policy: Well-behaved leashed dogs welcome except during peak hours.*
*Check with the bartender

Dog Gone Rating:

Paws Up:

  • Very fun atmosphere – heck, people actually ring the free drinks bell here!
  • Exceptionally friendly and attentive service
  • Cheap drink specials every day!

Paws Down:

  • Limited parking on Aurora Avenue

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