Sully’s Snowgoose Saloon in Phinney Ridge

I have to sincerely thank Daimon from my MCDM program at UW for recommending I check out Sully’s Snowgoose Saloon in Phinney Ridge, because this spot is truly a gem with a ton of character, and undoubtedly one of the most dog-friendly pubs in Seattle.

My pack and I checked out Sully’s last Wednesday for the first Presidential Debate.

As soon as we walk in the bar, a man named “Jim” introduces himself and tells us there’s no need for leashes. I ask him if he works there; he says no, he’s just a regular. While shoving treats down my dogs mouths, he explains how Super Tuesday is a special day for Sully’s: they hold an annual “Dog of the Year” election. The victor gets precedence in the bar if any dog should have an ‘issue’ with El Presidente.

To our disappointment, the audio is not on the presidential debate, playing on one of Sully’s 3 flat-screen TVs via closed captions. Apparently, no politics audio allowed with Jim present. Ironic?

We settle into the bar and I choose a Black Butte Porter for $4.50 from a wide selection of microbrews.

To my right are sitting two gentlemen, “Joe” and “Shane”, who are feeding Bondi peanuts, which are apparently available by the bowl for $2.

I ask them “No more peanuts, just pets” for Mr. (sensitive tummy) Bondi, and they are happy to comply. They’re from Fort Collins and Everett, but are quick to add that they count themselves as regulars, whom they describe as “crusty”.

I’d say that’s a pretty good description, but not in a gross kind of way… more like a family reunion kind of way… in a cabin… in the woods… with lots of uncles… after several drinks.

Katelyn, the attractive young bartender, is being so friendly that I start to wonder if it’s my diligent note-taking and the camera I have in tow. Nope, that’s just my ego talking. As it turns out, she greets everyone who walks in the door by their first (and sometimes last) name. This is fitting, because M*A*S*H* is playing (with audio, instead of the debate) on another flat-screen. Maybe I’m confusing MASH with Cheer’s, where everybody knows your name, but you get the idea…

Joe and Shane order a Sully Dog (apparently featuring chili made by none other than Sully himself) and I realize that this place actually serves food other than peanuts. I am skeptical looking at the menu, filled with items like bratwurst and chicken wings, but I decide to take a risk. I order a tuna melt and tomato soup. As far as $4.75 tuna melts go, it’s the best I’ve ever had.

I see that the ‘regulars’ are holding out for a (free) home-cooked dinner delivery by “Karen”, served on a real plate covered with tin-foil. I’m thinking you must have to be pretty special to make the dinner delivery cut, but then Karen offers me a plate… some saloon!

By the time I order my second beer, a Roger’s Pilsner, Bondi and Homie have eaten their weight in dog treats (which are accessible on the bar for anyone to dole out) and made the rounds among the twenty or so people in the bar. Also, Bondi is being heavily recruited to run for President of Sully’s. (Homie is not eligible as he will not yet be 3 years old in November…. seriously).

The men to my left “Dave” and “Jeffrey”, who now realize I’m writing *something* feel compelled to tell me that most nights, the crowd includes younger people too. They contend the average age is 30 something versus the 50 something I’m seeing.

Beyond the pawesomeness of a wide selection of microbrews, very cheap and edible food, and an off leash dog-freindly environment where everybody know’s your (and your dog’s) name, this place also touts an old school jukebox, pinball, naked photohunt, and best of all a fully enclosed huge outdoor patio. I bet that patio is literally packed with awesome people enjoying a summer ale with their pups in the warm months.

There’s no doubt we will be returning to Sully’s sometime soon. If you follow suit, perhaps you will even see Bondi’s campaign posters for President!

Sully’s Snowgoose Saloon
6119 Phinney Ave N, Seattle
(206) 782-9231

Official Dog Policy: Well-behaved dogs are allowed in the bar and on the patio off leash at all times.

Dog Gone Rating:

Paws Up:

  • Exceptionally dog friendly – off leash allowed, fully enclosed outdoor patio
  • Sometimes you wanna go “where everybody knows your name”
  • Exudes cozy (and “crusty” in a good way) character

Paws Down:

  • Not where you would take your mom for a drink, unless your mom is married to a fisherman and likes her drinks in a pint glass
  • No liquor

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