Sugar Plum Spa in Wallingford is Dog-Friendly!

Sugar Plum Day Spa in Wallingford wants my readers to know that dogs are welcome at their day spa!

I have to admit, I have brought my pups to a (dog) spa, but not one for people. Now that I think about it, once when I was at Derby Salon in Seattle, I saw a gal getting her nails done with a pup by her feet. I thought that was pretty cool… but, haven’t given it any more thought…

… Until, Julie from Sugar Plum Day Spa emailed me:

Sugar Plum Spa, global leader in Sugaring hair removal and organic facials and skin care is Dog Friendly! So long as lassie is well behaved and well socialized, your pooch is welcome at our spa!

How cool!

So what do you think? Would you ever bring your dog to a spa? And how exactly does that work? 🙂 I’m curious…

Sugar Plum Day Spa
4013 Stone Way N, Seattle
(206) 512-3033

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