Since You Asked – Try Nollie’s for Dog Friendly Brunch!

My friend Nick asked if I knew of any dog-friendly establishments that serve breakfast in Belltown. He and his wife wanted to bring their adorable dog Ginger (dressed as a cow) out for a Halloween brunch. Of course, Belltown Pub is very dog-friendly, but unfortunately they do not serve any breakfast foods. So I decided to do a little research…

I was able to confirm that Nollie’s Café in nearby South Lake Union (hey, close enough!) serves breakfast and is indeed dog-friendly. Score! Plus, their menu looks delicious and they make their own dog biscuits – double score!

Nollie’s Café
1165 Harrison St, Seattle WA
(206) 402-6724

I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet. If you have been, did you bring your pup? Please let me know what you think!

A Note on Researching Dog-Friendly Seattle

For those who wonder how I find dog-friendly establishments in Seattle that meet specific criteria (i.e. serve breakfast in Belltown) here’s a bit more information. If I cannot think of an establishment that I have personally been to, I typically start on BringFido which aggregates dog-friendly listings from various resources including crowdsourcing. However, as a general rule of thumb, I never rely on the restaurant listings as fact.

Often times, listings are out of date and a restaurant no longer allows dogs; this was the case with Hurricane Café. Also, a vast majority of listings are restaurants that allow dogs only on the patio, such as Le Pichet. Both of these establishments listed on BringFido served breakfast foods, but neither would actually allow Ginger and her people inside for brunch.

Still, sites like BringFido are good starting points for research. I simply pick up the phone, dial a “dog-friendly restaurant”, and ask if they allow leashed dogs inside the establishment. Sometimes they will consult with management. If they say yes and I plan on coming in, I let them know and ask their name. This is helpful when going to a dog-friendly restaurant for the first time.

Want Help Finding a Dog-Friendly Establishment or Activity Near You? Just Let Me Know!

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