MacCallan the Bulldog at Romio’s Pizza & Pasta in Belltown

Dogs of Seattle: MacCallan

Look who I spotted at Romio’s Pizza & Pasta in Belltown… It’s MacCallan!

MacCallanI was just enjoying a glass of wine with my friend, and who walked in? This handsome boy and his person.

Apparently MacCallan is a regular at Romio’s. He’s a big fan of their pepperoni, which the owner doles out generously. I tried to get a good picture of MacCallan, but he was so fixated on potential pepperonis, it just wasn’t happening.

Anyway, turns out the folks at Romio’s are pretty cool about allowing well behaved dogs into the lounge area. I will be back with my dogs for a full-scale evaluation soon…

Romio’s Pizza & Pasta
2801 Western Ave. Suite E, Seattle
(206) 443-3300

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