How to Prevent Future Separation Anxiety while you Shelter at Home with your Dog

It is a crazy time in the world, and very busy at Dog Gone Seattle as we have been focusing all our energy on rescuing dogs like Eddie, who was one of two dogs left behind at a California shelter that was closing its doors.

We are overjoyed at the increase in foster and adoption applications that have been coming in during the last few weeks! For every dog adopted, we get to save another that is at risk.⁣

All of these newly adopted dogs will love having their families home with them, but having your new best friend as a constant shadow now may cause some separation anxiety when things eventually return to normal. ⁣

In order to set your pet up for success when things return to normal, you can take steps now! Please find periods to leave your beloved canine companion home and in their crate if you use one (we recommend crating all dogs during their transition to new homes). Your dog should experience being alone in the house in a crate prior to you returning to work. This may mean going out and gardening in your yard without your dog. Or crating your dog in another room for awhile you are working from home throughout the day. ⁣

Another thing you can do to help minimize separation anxiety is to not allow your dogs to constantly follow you around from room to room (stage 5 clinger alert). Teach Place Command instead!

Here is an awesome ‘how to’ video on how to teach ‘place’ from a local trainer at Seattle K9 Command.

We want you to know that our fosters homes are also practicing crating and in home distancing with their canine charges. This will help ensure a more successful transition into their forever homes. ⁣

And finally, if you have recently submitted an application to foster or adopt, we truly appreciate your patience with us! Response times are delayed due to the large increase in volume of inquiries. We are doing our best to respond to each and every one of you in a timely manner!

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