Heavenly Spa – Where Homie Learned to Love Swimming

Just months ago, our dog Homie would barely get his paws wet. Now, we can hardly keep him away him out of the water and he loves to fetch for hours on end. Why the sudden change? We took him to Heavenly Spa in Fall City.

Yes, you read that right. We took our dogs to a spa. Not just any spa, but a dog spa.

I purchased the spa certificate at a silent auction benefiting the Seattle Humane Society. That’s how I justified it 🙂 I don’t remember exactly how much I paid – somewhere around $60 for an hour, I think, which was less than their normal rates – but I am so glad I spent the money because we all had such a fun time!

Heavenly Spa is a puppy paradise with a warm water pool maintained at 93 degrees and designed specially for dogs, plus a huge fenced yard for romping and all the toys a good dog could want. The pool is typically used for therapy for arthritic and ailing dogs, but you can also rent their location for private events. The pool is indoors and people are encouraged to enter the water with their dogs.

The certificate I purchased was for a 1-Hour Dog Party at the Heavenly Spa. We really wanted to see if we could get Homie swimming. He has webbed paws and, after a few non-optional “test swims” we knew he was perfectly capable of swimming. He just never entered the water on his own accord, even when tempted with his precious ball and excessive coddling.

Since the certificate was good for a dog “party” we decided to invite a bunch of Homie’s friends to cheer him on! In attendance were our dogs Bondi and Homie, as well as their girlfriends Ginger and Stella, and my folks’ dogs Tanner, Sophie and Allie. Oh, we invited their people too.My parents had just adopted Allie from the Humane Society, and she was really shy and had never been swimming. Tanner (Golden Doodle), Stella (German Short-Haired Pointer) and Ginger (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever) are half amphibian and total show offs. They were all like, OMG look at how awesome we are at swimming.

Meanwhile, Homie and Allie and Sophie were all like, yeah whatever. I just did my hair.

But after a few minutes they were joining in the fun.

I think the issue for Homie is his nakey belly. I don’t know what his breed is, but he has very short hair and no fur on his tummy so I think he gets really cold in the water. The Heavenly Spa is nice and warm so it was perfect to get him acclimated to swimming. Once he realized he wasn’t going to die and he could play fetch, he was hooked. Now, he will swim all on his own and he totally loves it. So thanks for that!Toward the end of our session the therapist brought out an organic cake for all the dogs to enjoy but insisted the dogs stay out of the water for the final 15 minutes to enjoy the cake.

Tanner and Stella were NOT happy about pool time being over.
When I asked why (since we only had an hour) she said it was a safety precaution to prevent them from drowning. OK lady, last time I checked that was a myth in people.. I’m pretty sure it’s a myth in dogs too.. my dog is not going to cramp up and drown because he has a little cake. I think she just wanted to make sure we were all out at the end of our hour on the dot.

In that regard, the Heavenly Spa was a bit uptight, but in all fairness they probably had an old arthritic patient coming in for therapy, and that takes precedence over a bunch of party animals!

If I were paying full price, I would never have indulged in this. But if you are swimming in money, or you happen to get invited to a doggy day spa party, I say it’s a doggone good time!

Heavenly Spa
35022 SE Fall City Snoqualmie Road, Fall City

Official Dog Policy: Unleashed dogs welcome inside gated area and pool.

Dog Gone Rating:

Paws Up:

  • Nice warm pool, comfortable for people and pooches
  • Dog life jackets provided in all sizes
  • Five words: Home made organic dog cake

Paws Down:

  • People may think you’re crazy if you take your dog to the spa for fun
  • Fall City is a bit of a trek
  • Hard on the wallet

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