Four B’s – A Dog-Friendly Fremont Dive Bar!

There are a few things I wonder about this spot. Is it in Fremont or Ballard? Or Frellard or Ballmont? Is it called the Ballard Grill & Ale House or the Four B’s or the 4 B’s? What do those B’s even stand for?

Well I don’t know the answers to these questions. I could speculate that the B’s stand for Bar, Beer, Burgers, BBQ, Booze, Basketball, Buck Hunter, Billiards… but I really can’t be sure.

I am sure of one thing: This place is a totally fabulous dive bar, and it’s dog friendly!

4BsBallardBari and Aria, the Cavalier

While I haven’t taken my pups there (yet) I did confirm with the bartender, after spotting this Aria the Cavalier and her person Bari, that the place is dog-friendly. So, it’s on my DogGone Approved list.

The Four B’s (also known as Ballard Grill & Ale House on Yelp) is located just a stone’s throw away from the über popular Leary Traveler in the neighborhood between Fremont and Ballard. It’s really big and really divey, and has just about every bar game you could imagine, from Big Buck Hunter and Golden Tee to Pop-A-Shot Basketball and Billiards.

The drinks are pretty reasonably priced, and the “pub fare” is surprisingly tasty. I had the veggie burger… mmm!

I’d love to hear if any of you have been there and how your experience was? On a Saturday evening, I thought it was a little loud and crowded for bringing a dog along (depending on how sensitive your dog is to excitement… Aria the cutie Cavalier dog seemed totally cool with it!), but I would definitely enjoy a low-key night here with the dogs!

Ballard Grill & Alehouse
4300 Leary Way NW, Seattle
(206) 782-9024

Official Dog Policy: Well-behaved leashed dogs welcome at any time.

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