Dog Gone Seattle’s Story

So what is Dog Gone Seattle all about?

As someone who is deeply attached to my two dogs, Bondi and Homie, I hate to leave them at home every time I want to go grab a cup of coffee or a beer, or head to a local event. When I’m out and about, I often see people carrying around their little dogs in their purses wherever they go, but big dogs are much harder to hide, and most places don’t allow dogs in plain sight.

For people like me, who enjoy the companionship of their puppy pals, the good news is that I have spent the last several years seeking out places in Seattle that welcome dogs. In Seattle, there are more dogs than children per capita, and you may actually be surprised how many places allow dogs, from Nordstrom to Norm’s.

Allow me to be your guide as I feature dog-friendly establishments and activities in the greater Seattle area, and explore new restaurants, bars, coffee shops, retail stores and activities that welcome us dog-lovers. And of course, I welcome your questions, comments, suggestions, and personal experiences with dog-friendly “digs” in Seattle!


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