Dog Friendly Vacation – Wine Tasting in Walla Walla

UPDATE: Since the time this post was published apparently many wineries in Walla Walla are no longer dog-friendly inside. Please call ahead for more information.

We have been meaning to take a trip to Walla Walla wine country for some time, and this week are finally going to make it happen.

Why Walla Walla? Well, for one it’s on the way to Boise, where we’re spending Thanksgiving. But more importantly, Walla Walla is practically famous for being dog-friendly. The internet says so:

We are all set to stay at the pet-friendly Marcus Whitman Hotel on Wednesday and Saturday (on our way to and from Boise) and plan to squeeze wine tasting in when we can.The hotel has a very strict Pet Policy with a $250 fee for any pets left in the room unattended. But not to worry! There are plenty of pet-friendly wineries in Walla Walla, so Bondi and Homie will have a nice cultural weekend, and if they’re good boys we might share some Bowser Beer.

A quick search online turned up a long list of Dog Friendly Wineries in Walla Walla. As you may well know, these lists are usually not accurate, so I set out to research our best options. Many of the locations listed sadly were out of business, or had out of date contact information. However, I did email a couple dozen wineries with a quick note:

Coming into Walla Walla for some wine tasting and saw that your tasting room is dog friendly. Can you confirm this? I just want to make sure before I go believing everything I read on the interwebs… 🙂

I’m glad I did that, because I received varied responses.

Dunham Cellars seems to be one of the more popular choices for Walla Walla wine tasting. Their website states that “pets are welcome” but I was dismayed to see in their policies that “pitbulls are prohibited”. While neither of my dogs are “pitbulls” (whatever that means… it’s complicated!) this kind of breed discrimination really rubs me the wrong way, so I was actually relieved when Barbara returned my email inquiry saying:

We love dogs here at Dunham Cellars, and even have a wine (Three Legged Red) with one of our famous pooches on the label! Guests are welcome to bring their dogs to our facility and enjoy the lawn area, but due to the confined space of our facility and the fact that 3 of the Dunham family dogs are virtually always here, we can’t allow extra dogs into our buildings.”

Well Barb, thanks for making that an easy decision! Our dogs prefer heated spaces. Plus, Homie may have a trace of pitbull somewhere in his ancestry… he could be very dangerous:

Luckily, many of the other Walla Walla wineries verified they indeed have dog-friendly tasting rooms, and enthusiastically welcomed us to their establishments.

El Corazon Winery:

As long as they pee on the barrels they are good to go 🙂

Waterbrook Cellars

We are very much so a dog friendly winery! We do ask however that with the weather starting to turn a little lucky that if your dog decides to enjoy our lovely spacious grounds, (which we very much encourage) that you ask us for a towel or if you have your own to give the dog a little wipe down if they get dirty. Thank you so much for confirming with us and look forward to seeing both you and your dog!

Bergevin Lane Vineyards

We are dog friendly. Just bring a leash in case we have a crowd. If we don’t, your dog can wander around the tasting room. See you this weekend.

Forgeron Cellars

Absolutely! Thanks for asking. We even have a clean water bowl for visiting doggies! Our Tasting Room hours are 11-4, 7 days week except major Holidays. We look forward to seeing you & your doggy this weekend.

Three Rivers Winery

Yes, we are absolutely dog-friendly, as long as your dog is friendly 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you and your dog this weekend!

Mannina Cellars

We are dog friendly. Lucy, my 6 yr old black lab is usually out at the winery, she pretty much owns the place.

Isenhower Cellars

Absolutely! LOVE dogs!!!! I will have dog bones ready for you. My dog Lucy might be here as well AND might bark but she would not hurt a flea! See you this weekend!

Saviah Cellars

Yes, Saviah Cellars is a dog-friendly winery. We love to have dogs visit with their owners and always have a bag of treats to share with our 4-footed friends.

Elegante’ Cellars

Elegante’ Cellars is dog friendly. Before bringing your dog in, please let me know that you are at the winery so I can put my dog in another room or on his leash. We are getting Buddy use to other dogs.

Sweet Valley Wines

You are more than welcome to bring your dog(s) to the Tasting Room! We have our own dogs down there as much as possible with us so feel right at home! I hope you enjoy your trip to Walla Walla and the wine tasting. Feel free to take a picture in our Tasting Room with your dog(s) and put it up on our Facebook page too!

Foundry Vineyards

We are dog-friendly, of course, on leash and well-behaved. Although, they should be prepared to show ID if they ask for tasting samples. 😉 We look forward to seeing you and your dog at Foundry Vineyards.

Walla Walla Vintners

Yes our tasting room is dog friendly.

College Cellars

You bet – four-legged friends are welcome!

Sapolil Cellars

We are dog friendly from 1:00 to 4:00 when our kitchen opens. We look forward to seeing you.

Va Piano Vineyards

Yes we are!


Yes, we are dog friendly.

Tero Estates

Absolutely. Looking forward to your visit.

Flying Trout Wines

Yes it is, on leash.

Bunchgrass Winery

Yes, we are dog friendly.


I know, right? I think we need more than two nights in Walla Walla!

I’ll be sure to let everyone where our adventures lead us, and what we think of DogGone Walla Walla. And if you have been, please share your favorite places and activities with us too!

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