Dog Friendly Brunch at the Leary Traveler

I’ve been to the Leary Traveler many times with the pups (and it’s one of my favorite dog-friendly spots in Seattle) but I’ve never been there for brunch.

Holy awesomeness, their brunch!

Next weekend, roll out of bed and go there. Seriously, it’s amazing. And of course (I wouldn’t be talking about it unless) it’s DOG FRIENDLY.

This is not the kind of place you’re going to feel awkward bringing your dog, either. Plenty of dogs present. Promise.


Back to the brunch. So good.

Now this isn’t a restaurant review, and I’m no food critic, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the brunch at Leary Traveler is one of the tastiest I’ve had in Seattle. Ever.

The scene. The experience. The beverages. The food. OMG the food.

We had the Garden Scramble ($9) and the Greek Scramble ($10). Both were amazing.

If you’re thirsty, the {very cool} bartender has three Bloody Mary options (all made from scratch) and also, pretty much anything else you could want. My brunch date wanted an IPA and asked the {very cool} bartender his preference between the two options. The {very cool} bartender said they change the handles so often he hadn’t tried either, so together, they tried both and agreed on one… (can’t remember which, not an IPA girl).

So, in summary:

  • {Very cool} bartender
  • Laid back and welcoming environment
  • Funky head-bopping music
  • Absolutely delicious brunch
  • Fresh from scratch Bloody’s
  • You will feel like a cooler person for coming here

Bondi totally agrees. See?


The Leary Traveler
4356 Leary Way NW, Seattle
(206) 783-4805

Official Dog Policy: Well-behaved leashed dogs welcome at any time.

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