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Dog-Friendly Seattle

Dog Friendly Brunch at the Leary Traveler

I’ve been to the Leary Traveler many times with the pups (and it’s one of my favorite dog-friendly spots in Seattle) but I’ve never been

Dog-Friendly Seattle

Jamie the Daschund at the Great Nabob!

Thanks to Derek for sharing this fabulous photo tip with Dog Gone Seattlites: This is Jamie, the adorable Daschund, at the (apparently) dog-friendly Great Nabob!

Dog Community

Halloween Wine Walk Admission Giveaway!

If you follow the Dog Gone Seattle Dog-Friendly Event Calendar, you know that every 1st and 3rd Thursday in Woodinville, there are dog-friendly wine walks.

Dog-Friendly Seattle

Gwen at the Belltown Pub in Seattle

I’ve been frequenting the dog-friendly Belltown Pub more often lately, and Bondi and I just love it! I’ll be adding a lot more pictures and