Blarney Stone Irish Pub and Restaurant in Downtown Seattle is Dog-Friendly

I asked my followers on Twitter to share their favorite dog-friendly establishments in Seattle, and boy am I glad I did! I learned that the Blarney Stone Irish Pub and Restaurant Downtown is dog-friendly, and it’s a real favorite!


Seriously? I have walked by this place so many times and never noticed dogs inside, plus it’s not the kind of place you’d think would let dogs in, so I never even checked.

But apparently they even have a resident Mastiff who is a sweetie-pie…

Blarney_tweet Blarney_tweet2

Blarney twitter4

Just goes to show you, you never know unless you ask… (in this case, in 140 characters or less).

So thank you to homer the hound who shared: “Blarney Stone great food cold drinks and my favorite server KATHY woo hoo” and “dey has a great happy hour noms menu. Mac n cheese, fish n chips, and sausage rolls r just some of da food”

And also, thank you to Scuffleuffagus who shared “Blarney Stone for sure! Nice people, great happy hour, and if you’re lucky you’ll meet Mason…the resident adorable lovebug Mastiff.”

Just to be safe I posted on Blarney Stone’s Facebook page to verify…

Blarney_FB confirm…and it’s official! They love dogs!

It’s safe to say a trip to the Blarney Stone Irish Restaurant and Pub is in our future.

Have any of you been? If so, what did you think?

The Blarney Stone Pub & Restaurant
1909 3rd Ave, Seattle
(206) 448-8439

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